Endodontics  is the area of dentistry that focuses on the treatment of ailments of the dental pulp (nerve of the tooth). The dental pulp is inside the tooth and is surrounded by hard tooth tissue called dentin. It provides the exchange of nutrients and tooth sensitivity. Different types of diseases and injuries of the teeth can affect the dental pulp. The symptoms are affecting spontaneous severe pain, prolonged sensitivity for hot and / or cold, doscomfort when touching and chewing, and abscess or fistula.

In cases of necrosis or irreversibly inflamed dental pulp, endodontics (root canal treatment) is the only solution to save the tooth and prevent the body from other complications. Only quality and precise treatment of the canals of the tooth is able to provide durability. After proper endodontic treatment and appropriate restoration, aesthetics and function of the tooth are restored. Endodontics has gained popularity because of the need of precise root canal treatment which could preserve the natural teeth as long as possible . The development of this specialty has set up high standards and has become a criterium for a good dental practice. Working under the microscope with 12-24 fold increase is indispensable because without it there is no visibility for precise endo – surgery which maximizes the chances of saving the tooth with these diseases. Strict adherence to isolation from contact with saliva during treatment with rubber dam, and the overall record of diagnosis and treatment are scientifically sound and supported by long-term clinical evidence. To comply with this protocol the clinic has facilities for accurate diagnosis (Apexlocator, digititalen x-rays) and treatment of root canals (endomotor, apparatus for vertical condensation).

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