Confident Dental Clinic

CONFIDENT  is a modern interdisciplinary clinic. Project of Dr. Docho Stoychev carried out on 20 years of experience in dentistry, long selection, education and training of specialists.
Providing comfort and quality of treatment is our primary concern.
The clinic has a team of doctors who work in specialized focus areas of dentistry. This model allows us to provide you with the highest standards not only in preventive care, but also for any treatment that you need.
The clinic is equipped with high-tech and approved equipment that ensures safety from infection, minimal invasion, indolence and optimal results.
Your comfort is our top priority and our clinic is designed to provide maximum comfort and level of service. Located in the center of Sofia, occupies an area of 300 sq.m, Confident Dental Clinic offers specialized treatment in the following offices:
Aesthetic dentistry – Advanced Analysis smile. Design of different aesthetic solutions. Planning and visualization of the final result by: Wax-up, Mock-up. Finalizing the project through aesthetic porcelain veneers and crowns Ivoclar E.max.
Endodontics – treatment is carried out following the modern trends in endodontics: endodont machining, hot condensation and treatments under controlled digital x-rays and microscope. To ensure this, we have the latest equipment and tools of leading companies Dentsply, Maileffer, etc.
Orthodontics – treatment of orthodontic anomalies in children and adults, Orthocaps, Braces-DamonQ, DamonClear, Insignia.
Implantology – using some of the most renowned implant systems in the world-NobelBiocare, Bredent, BioHorizons. We use all the techniques for correction of bone structure (GBR) and guided tissue regeneration (GTR).
Prosthetics – complete rehabilitation of the dentition following the principles laid down by the Dawson Academy.
Periodontology – treatment of advanced periodontics, tests to identify the causes, tissue therapies, surgical repair, aesthetic surgery, laser treatments.
Pediatric Dentistry – fluoride, sealants, formation and training of children’s health education and behavior.
General anaesthetic – routine treatments with general anesthesia for different types of manipulation.
The model of modern dental and medical clinics high class is specialized. Separate rooms with special equipment, materials and organization. Specialized dentists and assistants are the required minimum to expect first class treatment.


DMD Endodontist

DMD Oral Implantologist

DMD Oral Implantologist

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DMD Orthodontist

DMD Periodontist

DMD Pediatric Dentistry