Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene

One of CONFIDENT‘s priorities is diagnosis, prevention and treatment of oral diseases. Good hygiene is a factor that is crucial to prevent most of the diseases that affect oral health. It is characterized by proper removal of residues from food and bacterial plaque, which in irregular cleaning will lead to the emergence of tartar, tooth decay and periodontal disease.

To prevent such diseases, visits to the dentist should be regular (at least every six months) and they should be followed by daily care recommended by the doctor. This care includes proper brushing (at least twice a day), use of dental floss (at least once a day, preferably in the evening) and the use of mouthwash.

If you suffer from symptoms such as bleeding or constant pain in the gums during brushing, bad breath and sensitivity it is essential to visit the dentist.

Maintenance treatments performed

Regular visits for oral hygiene are important for maintaining oral health and lasting of the treatment held in Confident. During these visits we evaluate the status of all implants, crowns, bridges, dentures fixed over natural teeth or implants, restorations and endodontic treatments so as to achieve early detection of any complication. All preventive and therapeutic procedures performed during these examinations contribute to the longevity of these treatments.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Treatment, which consists of the removal of bacterial plaque and tartar from the tooth surfaces using a sonicator. The goal is to eliminate the factors responsible for the majority of the problemswith the gums and teeth.


Procedure used for the prevention of dental caries and reduction of tooth sensitivity. Apply gel containing fluoride ions. This compound re – mineralizes and strengthens the enamel.


Silanes is a coating on the tooth which picks deep sections of the tooth surface. This coverage is based on curing plastics, or enriched with Calcium Fluoride, which are excreted gradually. It is placed on the chewing surfaces of molars.